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The Himatlal Group is a professionally managed family business. Founded by Mr. Himatlal Shah in 1943, today the business is managed by dynamic young professionals with zeal and commitment to customer service and a pragmatic approach to marketing with the active participation of the concerned team members.

Over the last seven decades, the Himatlal Group has established a reputation in indenting, offering products in markets where they were unavailable or expensive or not the right quality.

In 1977, the group diversified from paper into raw materials for the electronics and electrical industries. In 1979 the group further diversified into providing market-related data for chemicals and polymers. In the year 2000, the group further diversified into Telecom Infrastructure Products space with the establishment of TollfreeIndia Technologies.

Today the Himatlal Group’s services in the field of marketing activities encompass products in five diverse categories: petrochemicals & polymers, specialty chemicals, bulk chemicals, raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, and components for the electrical industry as well as telecom products. We undertake the study of market potential, customer acceptance, product familiarisation; we also study consumption patterns and consumer buying behaviour which in turn drives increased sales for our foreign counterparts. Our market research has helped our international customers develop and parallelly introduce new products into the local ecosystem at a much faster pace compared to other peers/competitors. Our statistical analysis includes information on markets vis-à-vis economic, industrial and technical data on products, their markets, trends and outlook together with similar information with regards to the competitive landscape in the territory. Our ability to adapt combined with the experience and expertise of over seven decades makes Himatlal Group a constant in these times of change.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is manifest in more ways than one. It undoubtedly encompasses the high quality of goods, on-schedule deliveries, and competitive prices but going beyond the bare business details are the personal touches for which clients have come to trust the company. The Himatlal Group even provides financial assistance to customers by way of Letter of Credit, Bill Discounting and so on.

Today our clients rely on our up-to-date knowledge of international as well as local markets, the hidden advantages of imported vis-a-vis domestic products and our in-depth understanding of tariffs and import policy. Moreover, our moral responsibility remains with the buyer as well as the seller, clinching a deal that has both interests at heart. This makes us instrumental in client’s buying and selling decision.

Responding to the Changing
Global Markets

One of the chief objectives of the Himatlal Group is to provide our customers with well-integrated packages and services in its core fields. This has led to a high degree of research-backed marketing plans, product introductions, and sales, creating a market for products, which were hitherto unavailable. As service providers for our clients, we can source any required product, hold negotiations with suppliers, inspect goods and provide services that will enable our customers to obtain what they are looking for.

Over and above this, the company endeavors to provide peripherals for the product or line of products that the customer requires. This makes the company a convenient one-window source for all its suppliers an as well as its buyers. Not only that but when the need arises the Himatlal Group can also assist in new product development. This approach has led to several new introductions in various applications resulting in market expansion.

A catalyst in a dynamic global market, the Himatlal Group today, is making a significant difference to its customers and principals, the world over.

Beyond Customer Service

Key Personnel



Chetan Shah joined the paper/pulp business of Himatlal & Company in 1968-69, after equipping himself with the necessary technical training in Europe. He pioneered the marketing of specialized paper to the manufacturers of transformers, cables, capacitors, electric motors, and winding wires, followed by other insulating materials from several European suppliers. He decided to form “Himatlal Group of Companies” where each vertical not only handled different products for different industries but functioned as a profit center.

CHIRAG SHAH (Director/Partner)

Chirag co-founded a Mobile VAS company – CornerShop Entertainment that was successfully spun off to Zee TV (Essel Group). Preceding that, he founded TollfreeIndia Technologies ( in the telecoms infrastructure space on whose board he still serves. Chirag brings over 19 years of entrepreneurial experience with a strong emphasis on strategy and marketing and is responsible for driving new initiatives in the Group while he oversees operations across all product lines ranging from chemicals to electronic raw materials. Chirag schooled at Mayo College, Ajmer, H. R. College of Commerce, Mumbai and the University of Denver, USA.

HIMATLAL SHAH (1915~2002) 

(Our Inspiration)

Born in 1915, coming from a family of businessmen for over 3 generations, Mr. Himatlal Shah decided to embark upon his own business immediately after completing his undergraduate education. He launched in 1943 a trading company doing business in paper and pulp. Exploring strategic tie-ups for agencies/representations from international sources, thus building the core of what we do today. 

GAUTAM SHAH  (1950-2015)

A post-graduate in Electrical Engineering with Electronics as his major from the USA, Gautam Shah joined Himatlal group in 1975. He created a new division for PCB Raw Materials for the electronics & electrical industry.

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