Customer Service

Beyond Customer Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is manifest in more ways than one. It undoubtedly encompasses the high quality of goods, on-schedule deliveries and competitive prices but going beyond the bare business details are theĀ  personal touches for which clients have come to trust the company. The Himatlal Group even provides financial assistance to customers by way of Letter of Credit, Bill Discounting and so on.

Today our clients rely on our up-to-date knowledge of international as well as local markets, the hidden advantages of imported vis-a-vis domestic products and our in-depth understanding of tariffs and import policy. Moreover our moral responsibility remains with the buyer as well as the seller, clinching a deal that has both interests at heart. This makes us instrumental in client’s buying and selling decision.

Responding to the Changing Global Markets

One of the chief objectives of the Himatlal Group is to provide our customers with well-integrated packages and services in its core fields. This has led to a high degree of concept introduction and concept selling, creating a market for products, which were hitherto unavailable. As indenting agents for our clients, we can source any required product, hold negotiations with suppliers, inspect goods and provide services that will enable our customers to obtain what they are looking for.

Over and above this, the company endeavours to provide peripherals for the product or line of products that the customer requires. This makes the company a convenient one-window source for all its suppliers a as well as its buyers. Not only that, but when the need arises the Himatlal Group can also assist in new product development. This approach has led to several new introductions in various applications resulting in market expansion.

A catalyst in a dynamic global market, the Himatlal Group today, is making a significant difference to its customers and principals, the world over.